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Play .ts files under mac?

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I'm new to this forum and i'd like to say Hello to all of you. I'm considering using my Mac as a multimedia player for my living room and i'd like to know which could be the best program to play .ts files, as long as VTC seems not to work properly on my machine.

Thanks a lot!
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I assume you mean VLC? It is working pretty well on my machine. What is not working for you?

Hi! Actually i meant VLC... I have an issue with the VLC because although i can open it with quicktime perfectly, when i try to open a trailer from the apple page, an 1080i trailer, with this program i listen to the sound perfectly, but i have no image at all, and it tells me the following message: ffmpeg: more than 5 seconds of late video -> dropping frame.

I have a fast core duo processor and i don't think this is the problem... so any other idea? By the way, how do u usually open the wmv HD movies? Thanks a lot pal!!
For that reason i'd like to know if there is any application which can handle them.

see u!
The Flip4Mac WMV codec should let you play WMV HD movies in QuickTime Player.
Originally Posted by Joseph S
No, it won't. Too slow.
Is that an issue with VLC or the speed of the processor(s) in your computer?
Not VLC. Flip4Mac is too slow for WMVHD.
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