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I'm looking to replace my aging Sony DVD player from around '99 or 2000. It's been having issues with my Taiyo-Yuden DVD-Rs and it happens more often.

At the time I bought my plasma, I could only afford an EDTV instead of HD. It's been performing well for the last four years and while I do intend on getting an HD set, it's not going to be any time soon. So a Blu-Ray player is not necessary.

Since I'm limited to 480 lines anyway, I'm looking for a player that performs well, has a somewhat beefy DVD drawer since most I've seen look pretty flimsy, and has a decent sized remote instead of these things made for baby's hands.

I was came across some threads mentioning the Denon DVD 1940CI and the price is right. Can anyone suggest others in that same price range?

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