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I have a brand-new LG 55LW650S.

I have a Windows 2008 R2 Server with TVersity as DLNA-Mediaserver. TVersity is configured to not transcode any stream - each stream is send "as-is" to the client.

Network is 1 GBit/s.

The files I stream to the LG are in 1920x1080p in TS-Format recorded with a JVC-Camcorder, coding is H264.

Windows Media Player could connect to TVersity from another PC in the network without problems and plays the files without problems in full resolutiuon (no hangs, ...)

55LW650S could connect to the Mediaserver, starts to play the file, after 2 seconds it hangs a moment, then play the next 2-3 seconds of the file, hangs again, and so on.

Other files (MPEG-II, avi, kmv with smaller resolution) plays without problem.

The firmware of the LG is up to date (update done yesterday).

Is the decoding performance of the LG so bad that it can't decode 1080p in realtime via DLNA?

Does somebody have the same problem or tried streaming 1080p to an LW650S?


Stefan Westner
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