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Hello everyone. I have a client who currently uses a Denon AVR-3808CI receiver with her A/V system along with the iPod dock. She has a 5.1 set up in her living room, along with a bathroom which has one (1) speaker, a bedroom with one (1) speaker, and a patio with four (4) speakers.

She also has a speaker selector on top of the receiver to control the audio in this zones, but they must be activated manually by walking over to the receiver.

Is there a solution where she can use her harmony 880 to control these zones?

If possible I would like to keep the zones as they are:

Main (Living room)

Zone 2: Bath/bedroom combination

Zone 3: Patio

However if there is a way to use ONLY the receiver and bypass using the speaker selector altogether, that will work just as well. Any support would be appreciated.

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