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I just wanted to know how people are setting up their monitors to get vmr9 to display properly. I have mine set up so that my tv is monitor 1 and my lcd is monitor 2 on a Radeon 9700pro. The lcd is the primary monitor and the tv is an extension of the desktop. With this configuration, I can play dvd's in TT2.0 and Zoom Player Pro(trial version) with no problems at all, even with ffdshow playing. I can't play in vmr9 without crashing the system.

If I set the tv as the primary monitor, vmr9 plays fine.

Is this the case for everyone? Do you have to have your monitor set as the primary in order to play vmr9 on it? I'm just trying to see if others are in the same boat or if my system is way out to lunch.

If it is not doing it like it should, could someone offer suggestions on how to make it play vmr9 on the tv as the extension monitor?


My specs are: Athlon 64 3200+, Asus K8n-E Deluxe mobo, Radeon 9700pro, 2 Seagate Sata drives, 1gb of ram.
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