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I am buying a new Sharp LC-70UQ17U when they come out next week (it is the new 2014 SmartTV model from Sharp). I need to get a camera to make Skype calls. I know they have the one specifically built for Sharp and is Skype-Ready, but I am also going to be buying a PS4 later in the year.


I would like to have a camera that I can use with this Sharp TV (already has a Skype app) right away. However, with me buying a PS4 later, it would make sense to buy the PS4 camera, so I have that and can kill two birds with one stone.


My question is, will the PS4 camera work without the PS4 (not sure if it uses a HDMI cable or proprietary) and with the Sharp TV? Otherwise, it would seem I would need to buy the PS4 right away. But, if so and knowing the Skype app is not yet on PS4, can I use the camera on the Sharp? Guess that is the same question in some ways.


Any help is appreciated. Hope this makes sense.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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