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Further to my earlier ramblings i now have the following options.

(i currently own a TW2000 - 6 years old , same bulb)

1. Panasonic PT6000 / AE8000 - can be obtained directly from amazon for £1150 ($1600) and will have pan european 3 year warranty allowing me to take it to my local repair centre down the road if i get problems (i have checked this with panny themselves)

2. Epson TW7200 (I DONT KNOW WHAT THE USA EQUIVALENT IS BUT IT COULD BE THE 4030UB) - £1360 from amazon germany ($1900 BUT DOES NOT HAVE ANY EXTRA BULB OR MOUNT IF INDEED THIS IS THE SAME AS THE 4030UB) - will have a 2 year warranty and 36 month lamp cover -

3. TW9200 - 5030ub - £1900 ($2600) from amazon germany or £1600 from ebay with a USA warranty which is not as useful as a EU warranty to me in the UK

4. TW8100 £1660 - amazon germany (i dont know what the USA models are - could be the 5020UB)

5. TW9100 - £1720 - amazon germany (again i dont know what the USA equivalent is)

I assume all the espons will be a step up over the pannasonic (or is the TW7200 under specced compared to the panny)

Looking for something that is quite bright.

I am torn between the panny and the TW9200 (5030) - big price difference here in the UK but the TW7200 also is of interest (apart from concerns over noise)

I also game so looking for lowish lag.
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