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Please complete this setup

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Currently I have X-LS bookshelf speakers for the fronts and X-SUB for subwoofer. I'm looking to get a center and rears to complete the 5.1 setup, and I'm looking to spend $150 or less. Any suggestions and/or links would be most helpful.
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I forgot to mention what it will be used for. This is mainly for games (xbox360) and sometimes used for movies. Since I have so little $ to use for the remaining speakers, value is what i'm looking for - I just don't know where to look.
Ideally you want your center to match your fronts. They are blowing out the X-CS classic at av123 so you can pick up one of those anyway for the center.

If they have any X-CS speakers left, i'll grab one. Any suggestions for the rear speakers (that cost around $50)?
$50 is pretty low-end. You may be better off on the used market, but here is one option that is close:

http://www.thespeakercompany.com/DRH...uctID=86148000 .

You can also wait to see if Fry's ever has the R150's in stock again at $50 or wait until you get a little more money together.
I wasn't sure if $50 was too low for the surrounds. What would you recommend besides the 2 mentioned (given a higher price range)?
get another matching X-LS for your center

Originally Posted by sivadselim /forum/post/14103409

get another matching X-LS for your center

They don't make the X-LS classic anymore. He could call them and see if they have any more laying around. Otherwise, he would have to buy used if he wanted to do that and find someone willing to sell just one. The X-LS encore uses a different tweeter.
Are the LS' you have Classics or Encore's? Did you end up picking up a CS or are you still looking? I would recommend a CS for center and then one of the Insignia's or something similar for your rears ... Or hold off and save your money and pick up another pair of LS' down the road
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