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Please confirm my HD is dead.

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My system worked great for the last 1.25 years. It locked up a couple of days ago and I rebooted. Gets stuck on the "Please wait screen". I have tried everything I read in the forum, pulled plug, disconnected cables, waited 12 hours, said my prayers, etc. Same result.

When I opened the cover and plugged it in I noticed it was dusty inside and the fan wasn't running, but I could hear/feel the hard drive running for a short time.

1. I assume the fan should be running all the time? What is voltage that I should test it at?

2. I assume that my HD is hosed and I should just buy a new one. I didn't expect to hear it initially running/booting or is that normal for a bad HD.

I was going to upgrade anyway but I hate to buy a new HD image it, and go through all the trouble if something else might be wrong especially since I am not sure the fan ever was working.

What would be the best steps to go through next.
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Move the hard disk to your computer and run the manufacturers test program against it to determine if the hard disk has failed. Maxtor's test program is called Powermax. It's available from the Maxtor website.
What model is it? Fans do not run on 5Ks until they boot.
Originally posted by adone36
Fans do not run on 5Ks until they boot.
That's only true for some models with a newer revision motherboard. On most 50XXs the fan starts immediately when plugged in, on newer model 50XXs and 55XXs, the fan only starts running after the OS boots up.
Damn! Now, in my head, I have munchkins singing "She's not only merely dead / She's really most sincerely dead" !!!

Regardless, I have no ideas on your Replay.
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