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I am getting a Marantz 15s1 and and looking at screens

I see where in addition to gain there is "half gain" numbers.

Studiotek 130 68 degrees

Grayhawk 64 degrees

Firehawk 30 degrees

I plan on a 114" screen and watch sports at least half of the time and while I can totally control the light and i just painted my ceiling and walls dark Brown, I still would like some ambient light to see during the sports telecast.

Having said all that i am leaning to the Grayhawk G3, based on stats alone as no one in the area has a grayhawk on display.

I have seen the Marantz with a firehawk and it is what sold me on the 15S1.

as I believe that black color should be really black.

my room is 14 x 24 and the closes seat is 12-13 feet.

thanks, Greg
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