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Please finish my home theater/music system

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Current purchases (last weekend)

Samsung PN50B650

Denon 3808CI

What I already have:

pair of speakers from 15yr old sony mini system

pair of Technics SB-6000A

pair of JM Lab Daline 6.1

(I'm not sure about the last one; on the back of the speakers Profil 77, Serial 6220924 and 6220925, Cont: IC

175 W, 8 ohms)

(I inherited the last 2 that is why I have no idea what they are)

What I am getting on boxing day:


What I need it for:

watching hockey and soccer

watching movies

playing FLAC encoded music off an external hard drive


the more it is the longer it will take to put together but I would like it to be 3.0 soon (center), and 5.0 by the end of the year, not sure if the apartment I am moving to will tolerate any bass so adding the .1 may have to wait a couple of years. Budget is more what do you think would fall in line with what I currently have.

Also would like to know if there is any wall mounts that have large negative tilts as I have 2 lazyboys and would like to not watch with poor posture.

Thanks in advance!
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There's an exceptional deal at Vanns.com on the Energy RC50 (70's all gone for now) for $700 a pair including shipping. That's an amazing deal on a great speaker that would mike a fine core for a great 5.1 system. Bass extension is up to par given apartment friendly use. The Energy LCR matching center is also on sale for $299 rounding out the total to $1000 for a great 3.0 core system. Here's a link

I'm sure these deals won't be around much longer so if you're ready to buy, visit the official Energy owners thread and get some feedback. I'd see if there's an owner close by that you could visit for an in home audition. Act quickly.
I ended up buying the RC-50's and the RCLR (center channel) from Vanns and then I purchased the RC-30's from Audioadvisor.com. This system really is amazing for the money. The RC-50s are great! There are a couple of websites still selling the RC-70's for $479 (if you go on ebay you can find one of the sellers who still has a pair of RC-70's). The system is amazing for music, movies and sports. With the grills off, the speakers look really beautiful. Your Denon receiver would really make the system sing!

Fronts - RC-50's

Center - RCLR

Rears - RC-30's

Sub - Valodyne DPS-10B
My budget is probably 1K USD for the center, sub, book shelves, and wiring (I already have really good wire for the JM Lab fronts). One of my patients said that my 500 sqft apartment would not need bookshelves but I thought I would need them to hear the bullets and such whizzing by my head. Also the pair of JM Labs I got have really good sound so I was hoping to keep them. This patient also said I shouldn't mix brands for the front 3 speakers so I was looking at getting focal JM Labs off ebay.

Focal JMlab Chorus 705 Bookshelf Speakers for $140 +60 shipping

FOCAL CHORUS CC 800 V 150W 2-WAY CENTER SPEAKER for $290 +60 shipping

Sub TBA for around 250 to 300

wire... not sure how much this will cost

TV mount and wiring $300
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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