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I don't think its necessarily specific to the X-Fi Prelude that I have

5.1 analogue outputs from Prelude to Amp

LFE/subwoofer is the output of concern

I realise that unlike the internal processing within most AV amps, most AV amp's multichannel inputs (including my Pioneer) do not include the +15dB gain required for the LFE channel

the query is though if I set within the Creative/Auzentech drivers +15dB for subwoofer output, does that apply +15dB for LFE channel and the re-directed bass (as per crossover) ? if it does I'm not sure if it is correct ? As LFE will still be quieter than the cross'overed bass

or in PowerDVD I can set Front Left/Right and Rears to -15dB, leaving LFE to 0, then with +15dB set in Creative drivers that would mean that both the re-directed bass will be +15dB AND the LFE will also be - IE they both should be boosted by the same amount !

completely confused !!

cheers, Mark.
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