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Hello all!

I have read extensively through this forum and tried many settings but I have a problem...

I cannot get my TV to recognize the component output from my computer. Since I do not have another progressive scan TV handy, I cannot tell whether it is the signal out from the computer or the recognition of the TV...

The output is via a Radeon X800XT, with a dongle (aftermarket) that connects to the 9pin output that these cards have an provides Component, composite and s-video.

When the TV is connected to the s-video output of this card, there is absolutely no problem, which suggests that the dongle is working at least partially.

When the TV is connected to the PC/dongle via component, a black and white boot screen and windows ticker screen appears and then the screen goes black and the TV states that there is no input...(i.e. when windows starts).

If I start with S-video connected and then connect an additional component (YPrPb) cable and switch the source - the image is there - but in black and white - and in s-video resolution.

I have experimented with the known compatible outputs of this dongle (480, 720, 1080), and tried PowerEdge and the patch ATICVpatch to no avail...and am rather at my wits end to work out what is going on...

It seems to me that the computer is not putting out a true YPrPb signal through the dongle (which connects to the 9pin mini DIN). Does anyone know if I can get component from the two DVI outputs on this model?

By the way, I am in Oz, so the TV uses PAL settings.

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