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running up the screen, and don't know how to get rid of them. BTW, the screen is white (i.e., CineWhite).

Here's the backstory:

- Noticed a smudge on my screen. Tolerated it for a while then finally decided to try and wipe it off.

- Went to Elite Screens website for information about cleaning. Instructed to clean with mild soap and water.

- Wiped the smudge away with a very small amount of water/soap using microfiber cloth. Smudge gone.

- Immediately begin noticing against white background and/or in bright scenes, two vertical lines running up the screen.

The lines are visible for about eighteen inches. They are perfectly parallel and it is clear that they are running right up along the edges of the support bar in the middle of the screen. They look like pencil lines.

It seems really odd to me that wiping off the screen (and putting very little pressure on it when doing so) could cause this, but it obviously did. Do you think they are slight indentations on the screen from when I might've pressed it against the support bar?

The other interesting thing to note is they're only visible when viewing from a certain angle (looking up slightly). Unfortunately, sitting down creates the perfect angle to see them.

Any ideas? This is driving me crazy, and I really can't afford a new screen.
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