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Please help - head is very sore and confused

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Hello all, im sorry for writing a thread like this as im sure you are all sick to death of people like me who have no idea about LCD TV's and want to pick your brains all the time.....but alas im another.

I've been reading about all these different LCD's on the web and im really none the wiser as what is the best bang for my buck....

I want to spend up to £2000 (which i appreciate isn't a fortune) and would like a screen size between 32 - 37"....im not fussed about the name on the TV, but obviously want as good quality as i can afford...

any help would be greatly appreciated as i feel demotivated and lost on where to go next...


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Well, in order to provide good advice a little more info is required. What will it be used for? SD TV, computer, computer gaming, DVD, HD-DVD, etc. etc??? What is your viewing distance? What sort of room will this be in (light controlled or not)?
hi felgar,

The main use will be to watch TV and DVD's. I do have an xbox and PS2 and when friends are around they might get used, but not exclusively. I measured the distance from where we would be sitting to the destination we want the TV and it's about 10 feet if on the wall. If on a stand it could be about 12 feet away.

When you say "light controlled" im sorry if this sounds silly, but it will be used with lights on and off depending on time, but there are windows and the sun may shine either on the tv or affect it with shadow? The lights we have are controlled by a dimmer switch......i hope i havent made a complete arse of myself :confused:

I mentioned 32 - 37 and LCD, but on reflection im all ears and if you think i should consider different options please say......

Many Thanks!


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Ok, so you have a fiar bit of SD content, moderate gaming use, no PC use, and sunshine that has the capability to light the room if not shine off the TV. Since you sit 10' away if not further, IMO the main advantage of LCD which is high resolution is very much negated because you're sitting far enough away that you likely won't notice on a TV that size. Also SD on such a high resolution isn't very great.

I would recommend that you at least look into a 42" HD plasma - since you're not using a PC the rectangular pixels aren't a big disadvantage. The black levels on a plasma will be quite a bit better than on the LCD and in a lit room (esspecially brightly lit by sun) that's even more important. However, if there's any chance that the sun could reflect directly off the TV back to you at any time (can check by putting a mirror on the wall) then you're locked into the Pioneer plasma's which have a very unreflective screen, or else an LCD which also has an unrelective screen. Of course if the reflection won't be coming back to you then you can't go wrong with a Panasonic plasma.

Sorry I'm not all that familiar with LCD's but with the info you've given someone else should be able to chime in on that side. I know the high-end Sony's are supposed to be great as are the Sharp Aquos line.
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hi again,

you have been a real help and it's really appreciated from me and my better-half! i've been doing a bit more surfing and im just trying now to understand the LCD vs Plasma debate but have been looking at these 2

37PF9731D (philips lcd)

and this plasma

TH42PX600 (panasonic)

jesus i've learnt so much over the last 48 hours and hopefully for once doing some research will pay off rather then just buying on impulse (and usually regretting the decision later)

thanks again :)
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I got a Toshiba 42hp55 plasma and it has been great. I use ps2, dvds, and a fair amount of SD. Yeah the SD doesnt look great, but its not unwatchable. Just remember most of the sets in stores are set at a very bright mode and it does nasty thins to the picture. When I got mine set using the thx test patterns on the Incredibles dvd the set looked really good. I had the same problem when I started shopping for a hdtv. I had my heart set on and lcd rear projection. But for my viewing environment the plasma is terrific. I sit about 9 feet away and 42 is very nice, not too big. Hope this helps.
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