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Hey everyone.

I'm new here and new to projectors in general, but otherwise a pretty handy person.

I have a Mitsubishi XD250U which is displaying the message "Lamp approaching shutdown. Please prepare new lamp for replacement."

It appears that I can buy a new lamp (including the enclosure) for a pretty reasonable price on Amazon. But all of the manuals and searches that I've done tell me that I need a 'lamp attachment unit' to remove the old lamp.

I bought the projector second-hand and do not have this piece. I can't really tell what it looks like from the small pictures in the manual and I can't find anywhere online to purchase one. The only things that come in that search are copies of the manual for different Mitsubishi projectors.

BUT I can't get the lamp out without this piece, at least in my gentle trying thus far. Any ideas would be helpful!

Thanks so much,
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