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Hello -

After spending weeks researching for AV Receivers I have narrowed down to Marantz SR6009 versus Pioneer SC 82. These seem to have very similar specs in general. Could you please help me choose one of these 2 based on following?

1. Reliability of the brand

2. Pioneer has D3 amplification, and many on this forum have said it helps the unit to run cooler. How about Marantz? Did anyone have any issues with overheating etc.?

3. Pioneer 82 seems a lot heavier than Marantz (32 pounds vs 25 pounds). Will this make any difference?

4. Marantz has Audyssey Gold Built-in; whereas Pioneer 82 uses their own MCACC.

5. How is the reputation of these brands? This will be my very first receiver so have no idea in terms of which one is more reputed?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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