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Please help me buy a sound card for my home theater computer

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I posted this over at a different board and they suggested that I post it here for more info.:

I'm setting up a home theatre computer :

And I'd like to get optical digital audio out of my computer to my digital audio receiver the cheapest way possible. I'll be using this computer for music and movies and internet mainly (no gaming). Of course I can utilize the speaker mini phono output and convert it to composite rca cable and go into my receiver that way, but I guess why not go digital if it won't cost me much money. The computer I'm using has integrated audio currently. I assume there is a way to disable the integrated audio and use a pci audio card...I hope.

So this is want I'd like:

PCI sound card

Ability to go optical digital out

Turn off integrated audio with the cpu


I know, I shouldn't skimp on a sound card, but I've spent too much money on this thing already, I think I can do this pci sound card for under $50 right? Please reply with any suggestions you good people might have for me.

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It sounds terrific, unfortunately it's out of stock there.
Originally posted by thehunters
It sounds terrific, unfortunately it's out of stock there.
I answered your question and even gave you a link, figured you could land it from there.:rolleyes:



That should get you rolling, order one for me while you are at it.
I just purchased the Turtle Beach Riviera. It's $29.95 and uses the same chip as the Chaintech AV710. [Edit MadMyers 3/9/05-- see post below, this turned out to be incorrect]

Initial impressions are good. You might try it --- given that the AV710 seems hard to find at the moment (and I don't purchase from TigerDirect).

[Edit MadMyers 3/9/05-- ended up returning it]

... MadMyers
Thanks people, I really appreciate your input!! It helps a lot.
Update to my post above...

The Turtle Beach Riviera doesn't use as the same chip as the Chaintech AV710. I read that somewhere on the internet but it is wrong. Sorry to pass around the incorrect information. Riviera uses C-Media (or something like that) while Chaintech uses VIA Envy.

I ended up returning the Riviera because I couldn't get SPDIF to work with either PowerDVD or WinDVD. It would work fine for stereo output but didn't work well for passthru from either DVD player.

Just last night I installed the Chaintech AV710 and it worked like a charm.

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so I recieved the Chaintech 710 yesterday and installed it and hooked it up via optical cable to my digi receiver. Sounds fine. So far just played back music with winamp and it comes through in stereo as well as the regular cpu sounds. So I assume if I hook up the digital out from a dvd rom to my motherboard, I'll get digital sound? I hope that my analog sound sounds better now that I'm using the optical connection rather than mini phono speaker output of my cpu. Thanks for the hook up everybody.
You don't need to hook the cable up to your DVD-ROM, just set your DVD software to s/pdif output and you should be rolling.
so the ide connection from the dvd burner outputs dolby digital? You know which digital cable I'm talking about right? s/pdif is the only audio output I am using, so if I'm getting audio from the cpu it's obviously coming through that cable already right?...Obviously, I know.
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