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Ok I have two computers to put together here. The first one will be my HTPC the other a word processing, email getting, Net surfing rig for my wife. The below components are what I have to work with. Currently the Athlon system is what the wife uses and the Celeron CPU was scavenged from another system.

I have yet to decide on an HDTV capture/tuner card because I don't know what system I will be using it on. At this point I am leaning toward the MyHD MDP-130 but I can be swayed to others if it would benefit me. DVD playback is not a concern on the HTPC because that duty is currently for my Denon 2200. I guess I should also mention that my display device is a Greg Loewen ISF calibrated Mitsubishi 65413 CRT RPTV, which does have a DVI input. So my main concern for the HTPC at this point is for HD OTA and QAM tuning and hopefully timeshifting duties. Recording regular cable would be a plus too.

Any of the parts can be mixed as long as I meet my goals. So what would you guys do with the parts and then what HD tuner/capture card would you pair up with it? I will be using an Antec Sonata case so either MB will fit fine.

Motherboards and CPUs:

Abit IS-10 MB (Intel 865G and ICH5)


2.0 GHZ Celeron CPU (400mhz FSB) only 128m L2 cache.

Abit NF7-S (Nvidia nForce2 SPP and nForce2 MCP-T)


Athlon Mobile XP2600 (266mhz FSB) 512 L2 cache.

(Both MB’s have optical S/PDIF outputs onboard as well as 10/100 LAN and SATA ports)


WD Fireball 40G PATA

Samsung 160G SATA

Maxtor 160G PATA

Video Cards:

PNY Geforce 4200ti

ATI 9600SE


2 sticks 512mb PC3200 Kingston Value Ram

1 stick 512mb PC2100 OEM Samsung ICs

1 stick 128mb PC2100 OEM Samsung ICs

DVD Drives:

Lite-on 1633 @ 1653

Sony 16X DVD/cd-Rom


Antec Truepower 380w (came with Sonata)

Enermax Noisetaker 420w

Enermax Noisetaker 485w


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I would choose the NF7-S with your mobil xp and simple air cooling you should be able to clock it to app. 3600-3800+. Use the 3200-512 sticks.

I don't know the requirements for cpu demands for MyHD ota or qam but i'm guessing that the 2.0 celly is far from ok.

I would chose the ati over the gf4 and for the rest it really doesn't make that much difference either way you go. Take whichever makes the least noise for the htpc and put the spareparts in the workmachine :)
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