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I am a newb here and was told this is the best place to find an answer to my question(s).So heres the story.I bought a 50" LG plasma (50px1d) around April of 2006 from Best Buy.I also purchased the product replacement plan.Well construction for my media room was finally completed in July of 2006 and I hooked up the TV only to find snow from the display.Long story short,after a total of 18 calls over 6 months and 7 or 8 trips from BB repair man repalcing input board and power supplies,I finally got the Paperwork for my replacement TV. So I went to local store tonight and asked how this works.I was told to find a comparable TV with same specs.Well prices have dropped significantly since I bought original TV. Please help me choose which TV to replace with.Some of the other equipment used is PS3,XBOX 360 w/ HDDVD,upconvert dvd LG,Dish network HD box and 5.1. Now since the area is custom built for my original TV the size specs must be below 60"L, 35" H, 20" D .I really dont know about staying with plasma or getting LCD/DLP.

I have found these 3 tv's all around the same price and need opinions on which one and why.

1-Samsung 50" DLP 1080P HL-S5087W

2-Panasonic 50" Plasma TH-50PX60U

3-Sony 50" SXRD 1080P KDS-50A2000

I am going to go to store tomorrow and see if they will just put the purchase price on a gift card (so I can use the difference).BB told me today that if I find a TV for more then I paid I would have to pay the difference(OK understandable)but if I find one for less than I paid they would not reund the difference which does not make sense to me??

I have read great reviews about all of the above TV's and probably just confused myself more in the process.Thanks in advance for your help

I do realize that I narrowed it down to 3 different types of displays and if this should be in a different forum please let me know
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