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After a few years of enjoying my Sharp Aquos 37" TV, I'm looking to get a more imposing screen for the living room. (Sitting approx. 8 feet away, thinking 56" is the max.)

I keep seeing good deals on the Samsung DLPs, particularly the HL56A650. Problem is, the Samsung displays I see in store are frequently grainy, pixelated-looking, and not as bright as the sharper Sony LCDs I see nearby. A Samsung LCD owned by a relative is also--to my eyes--a hot mess of artifacts.

I'm pretty used to the "smooth" picture of the Sharp. Is my perception of the Samsungs just a setting issue? Can they be fixed to allow for a brighter, sharper image comparable to the Sonys, or is it a get-what-you-pay-for type of thing?

Any help welcome.
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