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I think I have my choices narrowed down to the Samsung 65H7100 or the Vizio M702i-B3. They are both roughly the same price at Costco right now.
Viewing is from about 10' away in a fairly bright room with external lighting coming from primarily the left of the set (especially in the late afternoon). The TV will be used for cable viewing (75%), video games (Xbox One 15%), and blu-ray/Netflix/Amazon (10%).
I could not care less about 3D and have Roku/Tivo/Xbox for streaming apps. However, I am concerned with how many reviews seem to show that the 7100 has a major issue with its apps working well. We have all Samsung phones and tablets so the screen mirroring seems interesting.
So, is the 5" increase in the Vizio worth picking it over the Samsung. Both TV's have plenty of good and bad reviews out there. My primary concern is image quality and reliability.
Or am I missing the boat on some other TV out there? I would like to stay around $1500 but could go up to $2000 with sufficient reason.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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