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Please help me on a deal I have on a KDS-R70XBR2

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What should I do?? I have asked before in this forum and never received any replies. I have a great deal on a Sony TV, and I guess I will most likely be band from this forum for posting price, and that I fully understand, but please to the moderator
I have asked before and did not get any help This deal is only until this Monday 01-15-07, so I ask for some leeway on this.

Ok the deal on the TV.

Sony KDS-R70XBR2, Sony SURS51U Stand, and a Five (5) year warranty (includes bulb replacement) Plus for buying I would get a $250.00 gift card all this for a total of $5,830.74 from my Tweeter store. (I just which I could use the 250.00 gift card to lower the price some more, but I do need cables).

I hope you can help me and convince me that YES! Don't wait anymore regardless of what new maybe coming out soon.

I ready, but I am alsways waiting for something better to come out.
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seems reasonable. crap load of money for a TV.
If that is list, then it's a bad deal. If it's 10% less than list, than it's a good deal. Anywhere in between is a reasonable deal. As an aside, you're better off getting cables elsewhere, such as Monoprice or RAM (they are overpriced at Tweeter).
A quick Froogle search makes me think that price is in the ballpark. How in love are you with the Sony? You can save thousands with another brand. The 70" JVC DILA can be had for just a bit over $3000.
I got the same deal with stand and jumped on it. Does anybody know why this TV goes for $4300 online when it's $6k in the stores???
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That Price also includes North Carolina State tax of 330.75 so if you took off and not include the tax it would be 5499.99 delivered. I have looked at so many different sets, but I keep going back to the Sony. I went online also and many places have the set for 5499.99 stand for 499.99 and warranty from 250 to 599.99 depending on were your looking, for a total of 6249.98 to 6599.97 + NC Tax (6.75%)

Thank so much for your replies; I am still on the fence.

This price I have is from a Tweeter Store in North Carolina near me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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