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Since the DTV switch is coming soon and the stinking government isn't offering coupons for people who want HD I figured I would build a HDTV tuner/PVR HTPC. A NAS will likely come after that, and I will want to stream HD from there.

Here is my vision. mATX mobo that can output video over hdmi and lossless audio (DTS HD or Dolby TrueHD) over its analog outs. I have an older preamp and would rather not upgrade that.

Case: LIAN LI Black Aluminum PC-C37B

TV tuner: AVerMedia AVerTV Combo PCIe MCE ATSC/NTSC/QAM Tuner Card

Mobo: that handles sound and video.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 Wolfdale 2.66GHz

RAM: 2gb of whatever I have around

HD: Western Digital Scorpio Black WD2500BEKT 250GB

PSU: picoPSU-120, 120w output - this is why the mobo needs to handle everything.

or... Is there a way to pull this off on a laptop (eee)?

If my mobo even exists, is there any other software I am going to need, I am hoping that Vista will be able to handle most of my needs, but I have not ever pulled off a dedicated HTPC before.
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