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Hey guys, yup it's another sub placement thread.

I currently have everything set up (so I'm not starting from scratch), but I'm having a huge problem with my sub, a Boston XB6 (200w, 12 inch). As you can see, I don't have many places in the bedroom room to squeeze the sub. I put it in the only available location I could find, between the door and my first shelving unit (where my right channel is). However, I'm having a problem with standing waves. When I stand by the door or by the chair, I'm getting an incredible amount of base, but when I sit in front of the bed, which is where I usually sit to watch movies and TV, I'm getting barely anything. So basically I need to place the sub where I can get some increased base output in the middle of the room. As of now I'm pushing my sub so far volume wise to compensate that I'm bottoming it during bassy scenes, which can't continue or I'll have a shot sub in no time.

Anyone have any suggestions? The room is small, about 14'x15', so I can't really move the furniture around too much. I do have some RCA couplers so running a little bit of a longer cable for the input is doable. Also, putting it between the door and closet isn't possible. There's no outlet and the space is smaller than it looks. Plus, I wouldn't think that would be the best place for it anyway acoustically.

Thanks in advance!

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