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Please Help me Save Some Dish Mounting $$$

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I have a old round Sony dish attached securely to the side of my top attic window...solid because it has been there for 6+ years....I am now upgrading to HDTV.

I bought the Gainmaster dish and was hoping to install it in the same location. Being that the Gainmaster is bigger....I realize I will have to completely remove the old Sony round dish....and most definitely have to drill new mounting holes for the base plate...attached with solid lag screws.

On this location I need my round dish to turn sharply to the left....not a complete 90 degree turn....but over 45 degrees.

What I am worried about is that the Gainmaster is a wider dish....thus may not be able to make the left turn to the same degree as the round dish. I am trying to save $75 dollars or so....and see now....if I need a special extra wall dish mount extender.....for a couple of reasons:

a.) save $75 dollars

b.) save making holes....seeing it will not turn enough...and having to remove it....and make new new holes for the wall mount....cause I know they will be a different position.

c.) trying to keep the dish as close to house as possible....so I do not have to hang dangerously out the window just to do fine tune positioning.

So here are the numbers....and I ask for your educated opinion.

The distance from the center point of the gainmaster (or where the LNB arm will stick out) is 18 inches from center to the outside rim.

My present Sony round dish's LNB arm....is presently 16 inches from the window....in other words if the actual flat dish was invisible....the LNB arm can turn another 16 inches....before getting to touch the window....now obviously the LNB could never get that close....because you have the other side of the flat dish....but I was trying to give a center number....so as to better compare a round dish to the gainmaster.

Now it looks like the gainmaster has a longer standard mounting arm....than my original round dish....so that may help...resulting in the dish being held a tad further out from the window....than the round dish is presently.

I know this is so hard....when no one can see what I am talking about....and I do not have a digital camera.

But I was hoping that the master minds of the AV Science forums.....might be able to lend an opinion.

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This is the extender dish mounters I was trying to avoid spending $75 from....and also saving me from hanging out my attic window too much.

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