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Please help me tune my Sony SS2300. For some reason, I'm not satisfied with the surround speakers (may be, I'm expecting a surreal performance out of this system, or may be I haven't setup my system correctly - I'm hoping it's the latter)

Here is the setup:

1. My Panny 35 blu-ray player connected to the receiver via HDMI

2. The receiver is connected to my TV via HDMI out


1. Panny BD is set to output PCM

2. No setting changed for SS2300

Now, when I put in my Dark Knight blu-ray disc, I get the "PCM 96" display on the reciever and I'd like to think that this means I should get the highest quality audio (DTS-TrueHD or DTS-MA) outta my speakers. The problem is I don't get anywhere near the "theater quality" sound from my speakers, especially from my surround sound speakers (You'll have to literally place your ears near the surround speakers to know that sound is actually coming).

I tried changing the Panny BD to output bitstream so I can change the speaker levels myself. I had to raise the surround level to +5db for both to get some sort of audio out of it - but it didn't sound good at all. I've also tried all other settings in the receiver (various sound modes, AFD, ...) and none of 'em sound good (to me). Is this normal or do I really have a razor sharp ear (and expecting too much out of my system)?

Please let me know before I go ahead and return my system.

Thanks much!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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