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I have a big library of ripped DVD image files (a complete, lossless image of the DVD), which i can play on Mac Mini using DVD Player. Although sometimes I found that my dedicated DVD machine plays better upscale, etc., in general I am happy with Mac's DVD Player. If you know a better software, I would love to hear from you.

Now, I am thinking of going in BluRay ripping. I have the following questions:

1. How to rip a complete lossless image of BluRay? Software, and hardware set up?

2. What's the end result of BluRay ripping? What's the software on Mac OS that can play a BluRay "disc image file?"

3. What are the requirement on CPU, memory, etc? (Do I need to get 2.66Ghz......)


When I keep a copy of music, movies, etc., I always try to keep it completely lossless and original.

I have been ripping DVD in iso format, which is a complete and lossless copy, which I may revert back on to DVD medium any time I want to. For playback, Mac DVDplayer has been working fine. However, I find my good quality Harman/Kardon DVD Player 48 does a much better job rendering the image than Mac or PC does when it plays back a DVD. My DVD Play connects to TV via HDMI, my Mac and PC both connect to TV by VGA, which is also 100% digital. When I playback QuickTime downloaded movie trailer from Apple.com, it's perfectly HD!!!!

Now, I have the following questions:

1. Is there any DVD playback software can do a better job?

2. For Blu-ray, what's the best way of ripping and playback?

3. I understand that I can also rip Blu-Ray into ISO format. Any software on Mac can play back that just as good as those QuickTime trailers?


last night, i ripped my first blu-ray into an ISO. .... not too bad... now, need players


On Windows, I can't find software that plays BD ISO. I have PowerDVD 9, which refuse to play BD ISO.

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Originally Posted by justinm0424 /forum/post/18229209

Total Media Theatre 3 plays blurays on Windows. I'm pretty sure VGA isn't digital which is causing your problem. Do you have HDMI or dvi-d output on your mac? I'm not a fan of mac and don't know much so excuse my ignorance

well, when connect a BD ROM to my pc, it's plays real BD disc output through VGA just fine.
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