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Please help me with gamma and coreAVC

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I just started getting a simple HTPC together....it has been a long time since last


The CPU is AMD 2600+ with a X700 GFX. I installed Mediaportal and ffdshow.

I really like ffdshow, and getting gamma back was priceless!

But ffdshow is too demanding on the CPU for 720p x264(.mkv) files, hitting a

100% on CPU load all the time, and lipsync went out of the window and the

stutter is really bad.

So I heard that I should use coreAVC, and that worked really well. But now gamma is gone in fullscreen. If I run the video in a window I can use the radeon

settings to get gamma, but as soon as the video is in fullscreen, the gamma is

gone. No matter what I do in the radeon settings or powerstrip, I can't get gamma


So please help me get gamma. I can't live without it again!

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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