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Please help me with lens alignment for Runco 940/Barco 708 CRT

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I'm not sure if I'm experiencing a problem or not. When I go through the installation menu on my Runco 940 (Barco 708 clone)and get to the part about lens alignment I can't make any vertical adjustments only horizontal. I do have a barco 708 service manual and it describes the loosening of 4 screws per lens the upper and lower fixation latch....that fasten the cooling house of the red and blue tube. It tells you to pivot the red / blue crt until the center of the red image coincides with the center of the green image.....does this mean only the center line? if it did why is there both a center vertical and a crosshair horizontal line? Again, I CAN align the center line perfectly but I cannot adjust the tube up or down to match the green horizontal line. The red crosshair is quite a bit lower than the green...the blue is not quit as low as the red.

All you Barco or Runco experts...please give me some help or advice....


Scott McDonald

Bountiful, Utah
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I'm using Runco 947, and have the same problem.

If you push the red CRT, it will move up & down slightly.

If you want perfect vertical alignment mechanically, you may need separate the red tube and reassemble.

I just align vertical line on the installation menu.

And I align horizontal line withe vertical shift on geometry menu grossly and fine adjustment on convergent menu.
You use mechanical alignment to position the Veritical (North to South) lines atop one another.

If you are WAY off with the Horizontal (East to West) then you'll need to maneuver the magnet tabs at the rear of the CRT to get closer or perfectly aligned. Be careful not to alter Focus.

Before doing any of the above, make certain that you have Horizontally aligned R/G/B CRTs if required.
Make sure the rasters are centered on all three tubes before you make any other adjustments. And start with the green, since that's you reference tube.

And you shouldn't definitely NOT push your guns up or down on Barco 70x. They are not ment to do that.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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