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Please help me with my TV-card?!

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I have just bought a Hauppauge WinTV-Go PCI card. It installs correctly with the drivers and so on.

Then I start D-scaler and sets it up with an automatic channel-search. And it finds all my channels, but the picture is awful! It's like a large part of the screen is distorted, and the distortion moves up and down slowly on the screen. It does not look like a distortion caused by a weak signal from the cabel, it rather looks like some digital distortion from the computer.

And this is not a small distortion, it really looks terrible! :mad:

Does anyone recognize this? Please help me out here!

My computer:

AMD Duron 600MHz

VIA chipset

320 mb SDRAM

nVidia GeForce2MX 64mb

15" TFT monitor
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How does it look with the manufacturer-provided software?
It looks fine when I disable the "deinterlacing". But as soon as I enable it, it looks about the same as in D-scaler... Any ideas??
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