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Please help me with the repair of sony's stupid select / push scroll wheel on my handycam

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Hi guys!

I have just got my hands on a Sony Handycam tr515e for free. It works fine, but there's one serious problem. The scroll wheel for selecting various things doesn't "scroll". Now, that means that i can't set time and date, can't set exposure, can't access the settings, and more. It only selects, but when you turn the wheel it should also scroll trough the settings. it doesn't do that.

I found some old posts on various forums from like 2006 that this was a common problem on ALL Sony camcorders back then. Even their professional line nowadays has this problem! Now i tried all things that were suggested back then. I tried contact cleaner, pressurized air, warming it up with a hair dryer. None of that worked.

Does someone here know a fix for this without disassembling it? I have taken apart various camcorders apart in the past. But this one seems like a hell to open and repair.

Any help appreciated.
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I'd imagine your only hope would be to replace the part but then you'd still be faced with finding a working part plus the tedious procedure.
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