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Hey Guys,


I am new to anything to do with home theatre systems, however could I please have help with the following scenario.


The other day I purchased the following blu-ray home theatre system (please see link)




However, I did not realise my LG HDTV did not have an optical output, as such the only time I can use the home theatre system is when I want to watch blu-rays or dvds.


I have done a little bit of research and have realised I need to purchase a receiver. I am going to purchase the following:




(Please keep in mind I am only after something for a beginner nothing over the top!)


Could someone please guide if as to how as to how this would all work.


I essentially want my TV and PS4 to work through the surround sound. What kind of wiring would I require.


Please advise if you need any further information!


Thank you in advance.

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Hey, I have a similar setup in my living room but older models. Are you 100% certain your TV doesn't have optical out? sometimes it can be hard to find.

It would be unlike a HDTV to not have one? model number?

My LG TV has optical output and its fairly old, cant remember if it has RCA audio output.

If I were a betting man, I would bet your TV has one or the other.

The LG receiver you've linked has both an RCA input and optical input, so you should be able to use one for PlayStation and one for TV.

Worst case, if you only had optical out from your TV, you could connect the PlayStation to the TV via HDMI, then TV to receiver via optical.


the same with RCA out from TV to reciever

I'd hold off buying anything else till you've exhausted all options.

I'm guessing you're in Australia also? where about are you?

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The receiver you purchased has every input you are going to need. Take the output from whatever source device you are hooking up and run it directly to the receiver. PS3 -} receiver, SAT/CB -} receiver, Blu ray player-}receiver, everything that puts out media goes to the AVR.

Then take just the HDMI out from the receiver to the HDMI in of your TV and tune to that source. whether you choice HDMI 1 or HDMI 2etc. is up to you just pick the one you hooked the cable up to.

Leave the TV on that and do all of your switching with your AVR.

Your TV will most likely not have an optical Toslink connection but will most likely have a Digital Coax audio out; This is good for up to 5.1 but is usually limited to DD.
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