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Man, I'm confused.

Can someone give me a

little guidence...

There are too many to choose from.

I have a Comcast HD Cable box

Panny 800U TV

Sony Blue Ray player

And the Ht-S6100 with all 7 speakers connected

All connected with HDMI cables.

What are the best settings for



BlueRay, DVD, CD

Thanks in advance


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There is no such thing as a "best" setting. It whatever sounds best to you.

I just use whatever signal is being sent to the receiver from the device.

Blu Ray movies will either send a TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus or DTS-HD signal to your receiver depending on the movie. The receiver should automatically detect that signal.

DVD movies either send a Dolby Digital or DTS signal depending which one you select (or is available) in the audio options for the movie.

If you have a HD satellite box it will automatically send a Dolby Digital signal for the HD channels. For non HD channels its generally a two channel stereo mix and you can choose whatever sound mode sounds best to you. Dolby PLIIx movie or music is what I use.

Radio and CD are just two channel sources. You can apply All Channel Stereo or one of the other sound modes if you wish.
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