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Hi, hope someone knows a bit about this camera.


Basically it's set to 1080p mode and from what I've seen, records HD to it's internal memory. When I then convert to mp4 using the camera it saves to the SD card.


Anyway - long story short - I managed to delete everything off the SD card using my computer when browsing the card looking for footage the wife had taken today. I could not find the footage and I took the opportunity to delete the old stuff. 


However, like an idiot I did it manually through the computer and didn't just delete old mp4 files and jpegs.


When I popped the card back in all the HD footage had disappeared too and the camera simply said NO DATA


Now I know that this camera stores HD footage on it's internal memory but I am assuming I managed to remove an index/contents type file off the SD card.


I have used some recovery software and have 'recovered' (to my computer's HD) the files from the SD card - but there is still not HD footage (which I wasn't expecting).


Thing is - I know if I just simply copy everything back to the SD card something is bound to go wrong! So I'm loathe to do so.


My thought is to format another SD card in the camcorder - then load the recovered files onto the new SD card and pop it in the camcorder.


My worry is that by formatting a new SD card in the camcorder this will somehow remove the HD footage off the internal memory.



1) Does anyone know how to access the HD footage on the internal memory of this camcorder without the need for an SD card to be inserted?


2) Does anyone know how this camera creates index files etc to point to the HD footage?


3) Does anyone know what the heck I should do?

The wife has literally gone mental crazy on me today - she got really upset and I feel awful. I was just too damn delete happy as I didn't mean to delete all files of the SD card just the old jpegs and mp4 that I knew we had backed up. 


Thanks in advance
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