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First post from a noob...

Last week I bought a LC46D82U for a great price at a local high-end brick and mortar electronics store here in Toronto, but they were out of stock and it was to arrive tomorrow. My sales rep called me today and said that unit was not going to be available for another 3 to 4 week, which had me grumbling a bit. He offered me a LC46D64U and some cash back and I said "no thanks" because I've thoroughly previewed both and I preferred the 82U. He then asked me to hold on a minute, and after two or three minutes he came back and said he could offer me the 92U at the negotiated price of the original 82U.

Now I haven't spent a lot of time looking at the 92U because it was out of my budgeted price range. The sales rep said I should think about it and let him know by the end of the day whether I want to take the 92U today or wait almost a month for the 82U.

Will I be safe with the 92U? Does it have the same banding issues as the other Sharps have shown? Is this a deal I shouldn't pass up? Is it okay to talk deals in this forum as long a prices or locations aren't discussed?


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