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Hello, I am trying to reverse engineer a Dali Zensor 1 Crossover (Dali part#HS5433 printed on the board).

I would like to get a schematic so I can determine what all of the existing parts are before upgrading my caps or other components. I found an example where someone on has upgraded their Zensor 1's to Mundorf Caps, Resistors, Coils, etc... however they were selling their upgraded speakers on an auction site and they were not able to share the schematic.

I plan to upgrade the cheap caps first, but I'd like to understand the schematic flow first.

I have attempted to draw up the circuit, but my knowledge is limited and I have not included the image here.

I have also drawn up the parts I know the specs of and included them in a picture. Here are pictures and the drawing I am referring to.

Any help is appreciated to try to reverse engineer this crossover. Thank you for your help! :)
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