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Please Help, Sam 61" DLP (HL-S6187W)-VS- Mitsu 65" WD-Y65)

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Please help. I am having a tough time deciding between the two TV's. I know both have great pictures. And I know the bulb is 500 in the Mitsu and 300 in the Samsung. However.... I know this may sound strange but my wife and I are not just big movie buffs but huge game fans (Halo 2). As of now we use the Xbox 360 outputing 1080i. due to some of the lag problems we have read on up conversion from 480p to 1080i on the org XBOX. We would like to know which of the two sets has the least amount of gaming lag and what many of you have heard on the street as to the better picture. I have read many links on gaming lag. IGN, AVS, ect. However info on the two TV's above is little if any.

Any help give would be of great help. Thank you all for responding. HDave

P.S. I have the HD DVR from D* if that make a difference.
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I have narrowed my search down to the HS-S6187W and the Mits WD-57731. I have another thread on that subject I am soliciting help with on deciding.

I know the Sammy has a game mode and there have not been any reported lags with that set. Some people like the game mode, some say it washes out some detail. I also understand the Mits model I am looking at has not reported any lag either, although it does not have a "game mode".

I am probably going with the Sammy even though the Mist is a 2007 model and the Sammy is a 2006.
I have also heard since we are using the 360 we may not need to use the game mode due to the output of 1080i. In some of my research I have found info that may help us both. It turns out the Sammy's we are looking at compare well with the Mitsu 732. The 731 and the Y65 have almost the same tech specs and seem to be of lower quality than the Samsung. I am going to CC tonight to try and fall off the fence.........Unless someone here post info I am not aware of.
The Mits 732 is better than the 731. It has the Dark Detailer and a few other key options the 731 does not have. The 731 apparently does not have the best blacks - the Samsungs seem to be better. I think the 732 fixes that but I can't get a 732 froma B&M store - needs to be special ordered and is more money.

I like that the Mits has a IEEE input that accepts 1080P, plus two HDMI and a DVI. The Sammy only has the two HDMI (the most important) and a VGA instead of DVI for a PC. Not sure if I will hookup a PC to it but a DVI is nicer.

I might stop in BB or CC tonight if I have some free time and fall off the fence myself. Good luck and let me know what you decide! ;)
Landed on the ground and went for the Samsung 61.
Originally Posted by HDave
Landed on the ground and went for the Samsung 61.
So did I and am loving it! :D
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