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Please Help, Samsung DLP 3D ready with 3dc-1000

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I Have a Samsung HL72A650 using a modified Mitsubishi 3DC-1000 I bought from Tru3d.com in 2011. I had the setup hooked up with my PS3 and loved the experience of 1080p blurays on a 72inch screen, Recently I had my house remodeled so I stored the 3dc-1000 in a plastic bag in a nice cool spot in my closet, about 3 months had gone one if my friends asked to watch The Avengers in 3d so I busted out the 3dc-1000 adapter hooked the setup up perfect just like before, but for some reason the adapter won't turn on. I tried everything but the adapter won't light up, my anynet detects the ps3 is on when connected to the adapter and automatically switches to the correct HDMI port (which is hdmi3/dvi) but since the adapter won't power on, the tv says no signal and no picture appears, Mitsubishi is no help is the model is discontinued and they won't repair it, Tru3d website doesn't work anymore and neither does theyr phone number, I'm guessing they've gone out of business, and the cheapest replacement i found was $560 on eBay. I'm really thinking it's the power supply on the circuit board that has gone out, would that be an easy problem to fix? I really don't wanna lose this model as the Samsung EDID is programmed into my adapter and buying a new adapter will result in me having to spend $560 and $80 for a geffen detective. Please I need your guys help as I've invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the 3d setup alone, from the glasses, to emitter and 3D bluray. Everytime I try to solve this problem thru google I get linked to pages 3 years old which don't help cuz most of those services don't exist anymore. Thanks guys I appreciate your time.
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