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I am hoping that one of the pros can give me a hand setting the 4308. I have never understood how cross overs work and what the appropriate settings should be.

I have a Elemental Designs Sub A5-350 http://www.edesignaudio.com/product_...roducts_id=618 and the specs are as follows;

Driver Size 15"

Driver Quantity 1

Driver Excursion 23mm

Total Driver Linear Displacement 3331.04cm³

Room Tuning 20Hz

Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 18-100Hz

Amplifier RMS Power 500W

Cabinet Type Vented

Shipping Weight 108 lbs

Internal Size 4.70ft³

External Size 6.37ft³

Width 19.00"

Height 25.00"

Depth 24.75"

Vent Size 2 x 4"

Amplifier Voltage 115

Included Crossover Yes

Crossover Frequencies 35-180Hz

Phase Switch Yes

Line Level Input Yes

RCA Level Input Yes

Level Control Yes

How should I set up the built in crossover on the sub and what setting should I put on my Denon?

Thanks you verry much in advanced for the help.

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The control on the sub should be all the way up (180Hz) so that the Denon can control the crossover. On your 4308, you should run the full setup and Audyssey will set your crossover.

BTW, the crossover setting is determined by your main speakers, not the sub.
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