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Hi all, new to this forum and setting up AV equipment past the TV and xbox, so I have a few questions.

First off, this is what I have:

50" Panasonic th 50pz80u TV

Sony dav hdx285 home theater system

Scientific Atlanta Cable box

xbox 360


-tv video connected to receiver via hdmi

-tv audio connected to receiver via regular RCA cables

(I know this is probably the weak link here)

-xbox connected to tv via component cables

-cable box connected to tv via regular red/yellow/white cable

The issue I'm having is that I have to have my receiver volume up almost at max for it to be at a decent level to watch tv/play games. My receiver has component in jacks, digital coax in, and optical in.

My question is that If I were to connect my xbox directly to the receiver via component, and added either an optical cable or digital coax cable going from the TV to the receiver, will this give me the sound output I'm looking for? Or am I going to need some kind of switch to put everything through the receiver and have as little as possible going to the TV directly? The only problem I think I'd still have would be I wouldnt have anywhere on the receiver to connect the cable box.

I assume, the way I have it set up, is asking the TV to do too much of the "Brain work"

This probably sounds ridiculous and convoluted, but I'm at my wits end here haha.

If any more information is needed, please ask!

Thanks a lot.
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