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Please help, suggestions needed :0)

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without explaining our rather complicated AV set up in our basement/rec room it all boils down to this

I would really like to do 5.1 in one room, and also drive 4 speakers in the room next door. The walls are open so I can easily run all the wires I need.

really my only requirement here is that I be able to turn of the b speakers in the other room.

my dilemma is that I have been looking at the new pioneer 1021, seems to meet all of my criteria EXCEPT that it only has two B set speakers.

I have been looking and looking and can't locate any receiver that offers 5.1 in one room and the ability to drive 4 B set speakers in another room.

I'd rather not get a second receiver for the other room, I'd have to split audio from all of the components etc. etc. but I don't know if there is any other way to do it with just one receiver.

suggestions on which products would do what I want, as well as input on jsut using two seperate receivers is both very welcome.

thanks in advance!
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You likely won't find any AVR that has 2 sets of Front B speakers or Zone 2 speakers for that matter. You'll need to add a multi zone impedance matching speaker selector to either the Front B or Zone 2 speaker posts to expand beyond 1 set of speakers.
I'm intrigued, how much would that cost and how does it work? won't I have to worry about being under powered for those 4 speakers?
Click on the link I provided in that previous post ... adding another set of speakers shouldn't cause a problem at background music levels. If you connected both sets of speakers to a single set of speaker posts, and if they are 8Ω speakers, the AVR would see all 4 speakers as 4Ω speakers which would require more power while adding the speaker selector not only gives you the option of what speakers can be turned on/off, but when set up properly the AVR will see a 6 or 8Ω load (depends on the selector used), thus less strain on the AVR.
sorry i didn't check the link before because I read the email update the forums send me and it didn't have the link included.

I really think thats going to do it for us.


So conceivably I'll be able to get half the volume in the other room's speakers without issue, correct?
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