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Please Help! Viore 42" Plastic shield scratched!!

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The plastic (not 100% of what type of plastic this is) shield or cover for my Viore 42" plasma has been scratched with a sharp object. The plasma TV is 100% functional, but the scratches run accross the screen and they were either done with school scissors or something sharp (we already know the kid that did this, but at this point we want to try to fix the problem)

my question is, Do you know of any product that could possible fix deep scratches or scratches in general on this type of screen or plastic? For example something that would fix scratches on plexiglass.... ?

any help would be great. Thank you


PS - Viore does not sell this part. I already called them.
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Get used to the scratch as it can't be fixed. May I suggest having the little punks parents pay for a replacement?

Check out the Novus plastic polish products. They are sold on eBay (among other sites).

I was able to remove small scuffs on my TV with it. I initially posted that I wasn't happy with the results but after working with it for a while, it does look very good now and the scuffs are gone. I am not sure how well it will work on deep scratches though.
Here's another place that sells Novus: http://www.tapplastics.com/shop/product.php?pid=113&

Being that it is in your screen and depending on how deep the scratch is will determine the success of using this.
We do work for Sams/Walmart and so we see our share of Viore's. If you're positive that's a protection screen you might want to call around to some servicers that cut their own protection screens for the old big screens. You can probably get a piece of lexan plastic cut to fit that Plasma set. That lexan is tough as nails and very difficult to cut.
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