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Please advise for proper set up of 2 new subs.

The subs: Dayton 12" 150watt, and JBL 250p.

The receiver: Sony STR-DE845 (I know, I know...next on upgrade list) does have two sub line outs.

The mains: Onkyo Fusion AV 12" 3-way's, 150 watts (Doesn't say Ohms??)

Center and surrounds: Onkyo (8ohm) cheapies OR Sony center-SS-CN305 120watt 8ohm and surrounds-SS-SR305 100watt 8ohm.

Large open room, 70%movies, 30% music.


1. I have one Monster sub cable, but have heard very overpriced, would any Radio Shack RCA cable or Radio Shack Gold Series do the same job?

2. Set my receiver in 4ohm or 8ohm?

3. Use sub line outs or speaker level outs, or combination of both for subs?

4. Will my Dell latitude labtop (Win2K, original sound card) work for an RTA type of room graphing software (or other program) with Radio Shack Digital SPL meter hooked into the labtop's mic in and Avia test tones?

5. If answer to 4 is yes, which is better, receiver's internal test tones or Avia's?

6. Room is sunken, but opens into whole house, probably around 1300 square feet with tile floors and normal height acoustic ceilings(Cubic square feet??) Would corners work best for sub placement?

All responses are greatly appreciated.
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