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first off, Hello. (first post here)

Ok, now im trying to build my first htpc.

The main purpose of this system is to play blue ray movies,and stream internet tv running windows 7 media center

Ill be using a dual core, dell inspiron 530s Slim Desktop.

Im wanting to add a 2tb HDD , and blue ray drive, and a video card with HDMI audio and video out.

i am looking at low profile video cards, like the saphire hd 4650.

my problem is that most vid cards that carry HDMI audio and video require a 400watt psu. the most powerful psu i can find for that case is a 300watt.

anyone have any suggestions on PSU for this case, or if i can put this dell MBO into another case what will allow more compatible video cards and psu?

ive heard that dell parts only fit in dell cases.

i really appreciate any help you guys can offer. Ive been racking my brain on this build for days.


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I had a 530s a few years ago but don't remember the PSU specs.

For what you are looking for, you should be fine with an ATI 5450 or 5570. (really anything that doesn't need an extra power connector on the video card)

The 4650 may have a slight advantage for gaming but I would go with the more recent 5000 series of Radeons.

Any of these will do.

The 5450 cards will be silent while the fans on the 5570s will create a little noise. From what I remember of my 530s, the CPU and system fans got louder depending upon the system load but they were still tolerable for HTPC use.
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