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Hi from Australia.

Am looking at purchasing the LP 340 for my home theatre, connecting to the Tosh 2109 player.

My question may seem stupid but I am still learning.

Given that the 340 is native 4.3 and that most dvds are 16.9

widescreen, how do I set up the projector to view them.

Will I get the same result as the Sony 10ht or will it still be like watching a 16.9 dvd on my 4.3 ration television except the screen is bigger. Will the black bars,

loss of resolution due to down converting still be an issue with this model projector.

Hope I make sense.

Thanx, Steve :)

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Okay, here's my 2 cents...

I don't own a 340 , but a friend does have one (I have a 10HT). He got a 4:3 screen and uses it in the "traditional" way - black (gray) bars top & bottom for 16:9 materials. In answer to one of your questions, it's just like having a really, really big TV.

Here's my suggestion to mitigate this - anybody out there chime in if you've sucessfully tested this. Get a 340 and a custom sized screen. When you watch 4:3 material, set the projector to "through" mode (or whatever it's called on the 340 - basically 640x480 resolution). When you watch 16:9 or wider, set it to the standard mode (800x600). Here's what should happen:

Any 1.67:1 ratio will work, but I'll use a 45"x75" screen 'cause the numbers are convenient and it's close to the standard 92" HD screens (45x80):

TV/Academy (4:3).....480x640 active pixles, 45"x60" image

.....................6.2" black bars on each side

Disney...............450x750 active pixels, 42"x70" image

Animation (1.67:1)...1.5" bars t&b, 2.5" bars on sides

HD ratio (1.78:1)....450x800 active pixels, 42"x75" image

.....................1.5" bars top & bottom

Movies (1.85:1)......432x800 active pixels, 40.5"x75" image

.....................2.2" bars top & bottom

Movies (2.35:1)......340x800 active pixels, 32"x75" image

.....................6.5" bars top & bottom

These calcs are not quite accurate, 'cause I calc'ed using the ratios. They're not quite right due to inherent overscan . I don't know the "real" numbers, but they're close. This minimizes the "unused" screen area. If you use a wide, black border on a 45x80 (1.78:1) screen, you can let the 4:3 spill over a bit top and bottom, and then the full area would be used for 1:78 material. It would also allow standard screen ratio.

You can see that, given the DVD resolution of 480 lines, that you'll be about 4% shy of that on enhanced DVDs. If you're getting a good price on the 340, I wouldn't sweat it. The picture quality is very good, and the image processing is excellent.

The only reason the above works is because the projector has an 800x600 array. This won't work on a projector with a 1024x768 array like the 350. You also won't be able to run in computer 800x600 mode without zooming in - the top and bottom will fall off your screen.

I will say that the 10HT is much more user friendly than the 340, and if the prices are close (10HTs are dropping fast with the release of the new 11HT) it's my opinion that a defect free 10HT is a better machine. The 340 was, again IMO, is better bargain if it's $2000US cheaper.


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