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Hi, I have decided to build another htpc. With the help of the people on this forum I built one before and now I am looking to build another.

The goals for the htpc:

run ffdshow

rip and store my collection of dvds

rip and store my collection of hd-dvds and blue ray when possible. I have the 360 hd-dvd player I want to use with this.

output 1080p and dolby truehd and dtshd

store all my music

run as silent as possible

be under $700


OS: windows media center i have a copy

Case: microfly black microatx case

Video Card: evga geforce 7600 gt DVD burner: nec dvdrw

Harddrive: seagate 320 gig sata drive

FAN + heatsink: masscool

RAM: ram ddr2 2 gigs

CPU: pent D duel core 3GHz

MotherBoard: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applicati...&sku=S458-1248

I know that I will not be able to get dtshd or dolbyhd until I get a sound card that will output 8 channel analog, so I will add that later. I also plan to add external 500 gig harddrives when needed. If there is any parts that should be changed please let me know. Also if I can get the job done for less money that is always good. This should bring me to around $700. Thank you!
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