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Simply put,

Regardless of cal settings on my 52A650, I find a huge amount of motion artifacts and jerky motion on much HD content unless I am watching BR. The source is a directv with strong signal and set to native pass. I have a 42 plasma and noticed none of this. I have tried motion flow on and off and film mode on auto1. These things slightly mask or worsen the issue. I also find the "soap opera effect" VERY disturbing.

My problem is, the whites are sooo much better on LCD in the show room. But it is also very interesting how much dimer the LCD gets once you get it home and calibrate it.

Do you think I may reagin the natural movement look with an 85u? And if so, will I still be dissapointed with the dimness of plasma regardless.

** I dont care about power consumption or weight.

PS If you have a twisted alliance to one tech or another, please try to be objective.
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