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Please help with Wall Screen

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I've read through most of the threads in this DIY section and there is so much great information!

I've had my 4805 for 2 weeks now, and the image has been excellent even on my bare wall. Colors and blacks are great and all, so part of me is just thinking of going the cheapest route and keeping the wall as the screen.

Here are some of the ideas and questions that I have been thinking about:

1. I've noticed that some of you who use the wall as the screen, have built a black frame around it. I think that is a great idea if I was to stay with the wall. I notice that many of you suggest black velvet for this. Do any of you have pics of how yours looks?

2. To maximize the screen size, I would like to keep the screen thickness as close to the wall as possible. So if I was to get blackout cloth or something like that, how good could it be to just place the blackout cloth against the wall and put the frame around that?

Please let me know of any ideas and suggestions you may have. Links and pics would be greatly appreciated!

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I can't help you with #1.

But #2, I wouldn't put the B/O cloth directly onto the wall. If your wall is nice and smooth, I would use that for my screen. Give it the paint of your choice, and use 2" or 3" trim painted flat black or wrapped in black velvet.
#2 won't work w/ BO cloth just hanging against the wall, it has to be tensioned/stretched.

I wanted a solid and straight frame so I went w/ "Best heavy duty stretcher bars" They're an inch and a half wide.

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