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Please make recommendation...

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I have the Samsung HL-P4663 tv. I'm looking for the best dvd player under $300.00. I'd actually prefer under $200. Would my best bet be to get an upscaling player or just a progressive scan with dvi/hdmi output? In this price range, will my tv do a better job of converting to 720p or will the dvd player? Currently, I have a Sony 715 and the picture just isn't as good as I'd like in comparison to my hi-def cable. Thanks for the help. I've done a lot of reading on this site but still can't make up my mind so I wanted some recommendations based solely on the tv I have and the price range I'm looking at.
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Under $200 try the Sony DVP-NS775V. No upconversion, component output but generally a well liked player.

There's a big discussion here: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...30#post4901930

I really like the Pioneer 578a. I just purchased mine and I am extremely pleased with the picture quality. Even though it didn't pass the BTB test, I would have to think it was more borderline than the test results indicated. I have three DVD players and the 578a's black looks better than my other players (Onkyo 301 and an older Sony model.) Plus, having the ability to play both DVD-A and SACD is a big plus for a player in this price range (around $150.)
Panny S97 if you will spend 300.00. Hands down.
Where can you buy it for $300? I found it at only one place (Amazon.com) for $380.00. Plus, my hdmi connection on my tv is already being taken by my cable box so I need something that connects via component or dvi. What do you guys think about the following:

1) Zenith DVB318

2) Denon 1200

3) Denon 1910

4) Sony 775

I'm leaning toward trying the Zenith but the Denon 1200 looks like a good one too.
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many places...the correct retail price for the S97 is 299.00.

Abt Electronics .com




Originally posted by mhock5
Plus, my hdmi connection on my tv is already being taken by my cable box so I need something that connects via component or dvi.
My guess is the DVD players you are considering have better scalers than your STB and I would look at running the STB through component and using the HDMI for the player allowing it to do the scaling. It wouldn't hurt to test both scenarios.;) In addition, your STB allows you to upconvert over component while only a few upconverting DVD players will (i.e. Momitsu, NeuNeo, Zenith).
I've been very happy with my Denon 1910 thru DVI on an ED plasma..much better PQ than with my old pro scan player...I did need to calibrate with Avia to get maximum results....some here don't like this player due to issues with macroblocking and green push...but I don't see any of those things on my LG ED...Often times, it really does depend on your display type and setup enviornment...If you can, buy 2 from stores that have good return policies and test them out...then take the one you like the least back..
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